Next Generation Filtration Systems



NextGen’s RE³ Optimization Systems saves you TIME and MONEY by removing 99.8% of particulates over 3 microns that typically contaminate oil, thus extending the life of your engine or hydraulic system by up to 75%. By reducing your oil and filter consumption, and reusing your recycled oil, you’re helping to reduce environmental hazards and saving money.

Until recently, the common practice for protecting the useful life and performance of engines and hydraulic systems was to conduct regularly scheduled fluid changes. This is time-consuming and costly, and in light of increasingly stringent federal and local regulations regarding the disposal of hazardous and industrial wastes, sometimes challenging.

The truth is, oil and hydraulic fluid don’t wear out — they get contaminated, mostly by water condensation. If properly purified and monitored, fluid life can be extended almost indefinitely, vastly reducing the burden to consumers, business owners and the environment.

Clean fluids help your engines and hydraulic systems run more efficiently and extend your drainage periods dramatically. Cleaning and reusing your existing fluid is cost-effective, resulting in reduced disposal and maintenance costs and fewer fluid purchases.

RE³ Optimization Systems understands the vast expense associated with stationary equipment and vehicle operation. The revolutionary RE³ system increases equipment reliability and prolongs the useful life of your engine and/or hydraulic system, ultimately preserving the integrity of the system, saving energy, and protecting the environment . . . not to mention your bottom line.