LinkGlobalBiz Adds New eProfile Feature

LinkGlobalBiz, LLC has added a new electronic profile or eProfile function for our members that will aid then in marketing themselves globally.  With a  click of a button our members can email an electronic profile todebe friends, businesses, job placement specialists or other companies.  The eProfile is viewed as a webpage on with the individuals name, title, website, email address, country, and photo.  The eProfile has links to the persons resume, website, video and portfolio or marketing material all on ne simple to send and maintain web page.  The best part is it is all FREE!  So come join us at

Vanadium CEO To Lead Workshop for the Euopean Space Agency (ESA) Business Incubation Centre in Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Matt Schneider, founder and CEO of the Vanadium Group of Companies, will share his views as a business owner as well as an Angel Investor on Start Up Fundamentals during a workshop tp be held on January 25th at the ESA Business Incubation Centre in Noorwijk, The Netherlands. Matt is also one of the founding partners of SBIC Partipations which is dedicated to funding high-growth Dutch based start-ups making use of space technology including  participating in ESA BIC Noordwijk incubatee JOHAN Sports.

The workshop will cover several topics that are important to entrepreneurs starting and having a new venture and include:

  • Top Reasons Why Start Ups Succeedesasbicl
  • Key Elements and Importance of a Business Plan
  • Start Up Funding Basics and Lifecycle
  • How To Prepare For An Investor
  • What To Expect From An Investor

A question and answer period will follow his presentation.

SBICP and Vanadium Group Europe, BV Invest in Johan Sports and SOOSR

Vanadium Group Europe and our partners in SBICP have invested in two exciting startups – Johan Sports and SOOSR.

Johan Sports is developing a small , wearable sensor that tracks the positions, movements and accelerations of athletes. The data obtained and recorded is processed to provide information for coaches and players to optimize their training regiments and performance.  The processed data is availavble  online and in a mobile app.


SOOSR is a technology based strategic acquisition tool to assist employers filling vacancies by engaging current employees, a proven reliable method for recruiting talent that has a higher retention rate and increased employee satisfaction.  Soosr is fast in use and fast in delivery. Plug and play your vacancies directly at the right audience.  Soosr is extremely simple to use. Have your campaign up and running in a breeze. Go out and play!


Vanadium Group Launches LinkGlobalBiz, LLC

While explgb1anding to the European market we encountered numerous difficulties trying to obtain accurate information to establish a presence.   We had to perform numerous internet searches and navigate to numerous websites to find the information we needed to start, register and open a business.  It would have been helpful to us if we could have gone to one website to get the information we needed.  We could also have benefited from advice from people and companies that shared the same experiences.  As a result we developed a solution to help solve the problems associated with expansion or doing business abroad – LinkGlobalBiz.

We developed the website with the mission to create an interactive global business community for members to market themselves and grow their business.  The website provides over 8,000 verified links to important, critical information for 192 countries.  The website has a social media networking section where registered users can interact and post to forums.  A  Job Board allows employers to post jobs and job seekers to post resumes.


Vanadium Group Europe, BV partners with Space Business Innovation Centre Participations (SBICP)

Matt HannahThe European Space Agency (ESA) has developed an outstanding program for technology transfer and for the establishment of new business endeavors by creating Business Innovation Centre’s throughout Europe.  These programs select and mentor entrepreneurs who have a commercial application for some of ESA’s technologies and patents.  ESA awards funding to the selected candidates through a contract administrator so that they can develop their business ideas and grow successful corporations.  These companies are provided capital and mentorship so they can be “incubated” to succeed.    One of the ESA Business Innovation Cemattijsntres is located in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, and is managed by a commercial company, Space Business Innovation Centre (SBIC). To assist in the mission of the ESA-BIC and provide additional capital and mentorship to the companies in the program, Space Business Innovation Centre Participates was formed.  Matthijs den Os, one of the principal founders of SBICP and SBIC, invited Matt Schneider and VGE BV to become a partner in this exciting venture.

Vanadium Group Goes International

The Vanadium Group launched Vanadium Group International (VGI) as they expand their services and offerings into the European Union market. This strategic move will enable us to gain access to the EU, an economic and monetary union of 28 countries with an economic output of $15.8 Trillion US Dollars in 2013.  This makes the EU the world’s second largest economy behind only the United States.  The EU economy makes up approximately 23% of global nominal GDP.  The EU provides Vanadium with access to the world’s second largest economy to grow our business.  VGI establishes Vanadium Group Europe, BV, a Dutch subsidiary to explore partnerships and opportunites in the EU.

Vanadium Group is on Facebook

The Vanadium Group launched our first Facebook page!!!  Please visit us and like us at