LinkGlobalBiz’s mission is to create an interactive global business community for members to market themselves and grow their business.

As small and medium sized business owners for over 30 years, the Vanadium Group,  creator’s of LinkGlobalBiz,  know the challenges and benefits related to growing a business. It does not matter if you are an independent or a large business owner, as business people we all need the same tools to grow; market information, a way to present ourselves to the market, a place to tell our story, and a way to connect and support each other. This is the purpose of LinkGlobalBiz!!! .

Our small but mighty team has spent over a year researching information to assemble this tool for you. We currently have over 6,000 business information links, sorted by category, that have all been READ by real people so we can find the best resources for our FREE members. A lot of thought has gone into creating a website that would benefit business minded people of all levels, creating a platform to connect and collaborate. We are using new school technology to enable an old school idea: Work together and help each other expand our business. As our world becomes more and more inter-connected, it is important, but difficult, to try and conduct business in another country. It’s not like every company has the budget to jump on a plane and travel somewhere to network, find a partner, or a new customer. LinkGlobalBiz was created to become the conduit to assist each other in promoting our business goals.