InRange Systems


InRange Systems improves medication adherence, especially in the post-acute care market, targeting the chronically ill, medically-complex person.  All healthcare and family resources are organized around the person to provide coordinated support for medication use. InRange delivers a comprehensive patient-centered medication delivery system that enables individuals with complex medication regimens to stay within their home environment instead of being hospitalized or transferred to a facility.  All doses of medication, including as-needed medications, are delivered as prescribed and aligned with patient preferences.  Improved medication adherence reduces unplanned acute care visits, as well as adverse drug events, reducing cost and waste in the healthcare system.

InRange System’s Electronic Medication Management Assistant (EMMA®) is the first and only class II medical device commercially available for remote medication management.  EMMA® is much more than an electronic pill dispenser, instead it acts as the hand of the caregiver in safely delivering the individual doses of a person’s medication regimen in their home, while providing detailed medication administration documentation.

Each dose is recorded as taken, and automated alerts and notifications can be sent to the caregiver or care team if the individual misses doses or needs assistance.  More importantly, doses are delivered according to their prescribing provider’s instructions and scheduled to fit the individual’s lifestyle and preferences.  Adjustments can be made remotely and in real-time if the prescriber changes the medication dose or schedule.  This can be a frequent occurrence with medications that require laboratory and physiological monitoring such as blood thinners, or medications to manage blood pressure or blood glucose.  EMMA® can prevent the individual from taking more medications than prescribed, and can continuously monitor and record patient-reported outcomes for pain management or responses to other medication-related questions.