Figure 8 Surgical

The Figure 8 FlatWire is an FDA cleared, simple, strong, and cost effective system. It was specifically developed to replace simple steel wire for primary sternal closure following open heart surgery. Figure 8 FlatWire combines the technical simplicity of wire cerclage with innate engineering to deliver superior multi-vector stability and ease of placement.

The Figure 8 FlatWire Sternal Closure System has been specifically developed to replace steel wire in primary sternal closure. It comes as a peel pack unit which contains 6 single stainless steel devices and 2 X devices. A reusable aluminum tensioning device is provided to the surgeon at no additional cost. A standard needle driver and wire cutters are also used on the application or removal of the devices.


Here are user comments on the Figure 8 FlatWire:

Here is some feedback they received from CT Surgeons, Distributors, and Corporate Executives from around the Globe.

       Figure 8 is the hottest sternal closure product on the market –

        I love your simple and elegant design –

        Wow this is impressive –

        Exciting –

        I want this bad – (no kidding someone said that)