Angels With Attitude, LLC

Angels With Attitude, LLC



Angels With Attitude, LLC (AWA) is a early stage investment company supporting start ups with mentorship and capital.  AWA has a portfolio of investments and also participates in BlueTree Venture Fund, an esteemed and successful fund run by Catherine Mott.  Please see some of our partner investments listed below.

Figure 8 Surgical, which has developed innovative surgical steel closures for heart surgery which speed healing and reduce irritation and infection.

InRange Syinrange1stems, which has developed the first FDA approved (EMMA) in home patient drug dispensing unit, automated and monitored, to improve patient results and minimize hospital re-admissions.


nextgenNext Gen Filtration systems which extend the life of oil and hydraulic fluid by evaporating out the water in critical equipment (engines, generators, etc.) and can extend the life of the fluid by over 10 times.


cc-logo-color1Cryo Concepts is the developer and manufacturer of the CryOmega line of cryosurgical solutions.  The original CryOmega® is designed to be used by all medical specialties for treating the most common benign and pre-malignent epidermal lesions.




Johan is a wearable tracker/sensor that is used by athletes and trainers to optimize athletic performance. The tracker measures the movements of each individual player on the field. It is small, light and robust. It uses state-of-the-art satellite navigation technology from ESA to ensure reliability and precision.



SOOSR is a technology based strategic acquisition tool to assist employers filling vacancies by engaging current employees, a proven reliable method for recruiting talent that has a higher retention rate and increased employee satisfaction.