The Vanadium Group

Vanadium Enterprises Corporation (d.b.a. Vanadium Group) is an entrepreneurial platform with a successful track record of developing and operating companies in the service, industrial, construction, technology, e-commerce, and real estate sectors.  Since our inception in 1989, the Vanadium Group of Companies, led by CEO and President Matthew D. Schneider, has performed in excess of $2.5 billion worth of services in multiple sectors working in over 40 countries.

The Vanadium Group has experience in start-ups, “turn arounds,” operations, mergers/acquisitions, and venture capital. Our expertise includes evaluating markets and business opportunities, developing strategic and operational plans, and implementing those plans to optimize a company’s potential to maximize shareholder value.

Vanadium Group also offers management consulting services specializing in the establishment and refinement of strategic and operational plans.  Vanadium specializes in acquiring, establishing and growing companies in the service, technology, e-commerce, real estate and industrial sectors.